7 “Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

Posted by Melany Krangle on

Every day, more and more people are clearing out their cupboards of junk food and stocking up their kitchen with healthy food for themselves and their families. We get rid of the obvious offenders: crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks etc. and leave what we think is healthy. Unfortunately, it is not quite as black and white as that. Unhealthy food is often cleverly packaged and advertised to make it seem a lot healthier than it actually is.

We have done some research into what we should and should not be eating and the results may surprise you. Here are some foods you thought were healthy but are secretly wreaking havoc on your body.

1. Dried Fruit

Sorry guys, all those dried apricots and mango slices you have in the cupboards need to go. Or, at the very least, need to be seriously rationed. Dried fruit is packed with sugar and calories and we tend to eat quite a few pieces in one sitting. This means we are pumping our body with sugar instead of treating ourselves to an innocent snack.

2. ‘Light’ Salad Dressings

While salad is a big tick with regards to healthy eating, what you put on it can sometimes complete negate these positive aspects. Those wanting to avoid excess calories often opt for a light salad dressing, but the truth is, these are just as bad. The manufacturers load them up with additives to maintain the flavour and these are detrimental to your body and overall health. You’re better off sticking to a good old olive oil and balsamic dressing.

3. Granola

An Instagram food favourite, granola is added to yoghurt, smoothies, or simply milk to make the ultimate breakfast. Unfortunately, many commercial manufacturers of granola cover the cereal with honey or brown sugar to make it taste better. Altogether, this can add up to as much sugar as is found in a can of coke.

4. Yoghurt

Another breakfast staple bites the dust. But, there is hope with this one. What makes yoghurt unhealthy is the flavours that are added to it. Buying plain, low-fat yoghurt is the healthiest option available. You can then make your own additions at home and be completely in control of your calorie intake.

5. Fruit Juice

Fruit is healthy, so it follows that fruit juice is also healthy, right? Wrong. Ok, this isn’t technically a food but it needs to be mentioned as it is one of the worst offenders. Fruit juice is packed with sugar and the stuff you buy in the shops has even more sugar added to it. This tallies up to an impressive amount altogether.

6. Protein Bars

Just because something has protein in it doesn’t mean it is healthy. If you need protein and you are working out all the time then go ahead and munch one. But, if you are watching the calories then you are better off finding an alternative source of protein as many of these bad boys have the same nutritional value as a chocolate bar.

7. Veggie Crisps

You might as well eat regular crisps if you’re going to eat veggie crisps. Whatever goodness was once in the root vegetables in your crisp packet has long been lost. Instead, what you have is oil, salt, and additives, which translate to fat and calories. If you need snack food, these are not your friends.

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